Yangon International Airport

The airport of Yangon is clean, modern and well organized.


It’s a small airport so you won’t have to wait too long at the customs and you’ll get your baggage quickly.

Before,  you had to declare if you brought with you more than 2 000 USD. Now they have a new custom form, you have to declare if your bring more then 10 000 USD.


after the customs, close to the carousels where you wait for your luggage you have the money changers. You can change a part of your money there, they will give your a fair price. They take USD, Euros and Singaporean dollars.

in august 2013, the rates were :

1 euros = 1255 Kyats
1 USD = 968 Kyats
1 SGD = 761 Kyats

We don’t recommend to go to the black market to change your money. it’s not safe, you can get scammed, and you don’t want to get into any trouble when you travel either for pleasure or business. Once in town, you can change at your hotel, or at the official changers in downtown. There are as well ATM, not too many, but you can find some.

After you get your luggage, there is a control, and then there are other money changers. but they’ll give you less than the previous changers at the carrousel.

Then you go out to find a taxi. Some men will talk to you and offer you a taxi. don’t pay attention to them : even if they have a real taxi, they will charge you more. there is an official taxi stand with an electronic sign : the official price is written. In August 2013 it was 7 000 Kyats (10 USD). they might ask you 1 000 more if you want air conditioning. well, it’s a little scam, it’s up to you if you accept to lose 1 dollar, or if you want to make a point by paying the official price… When you finally sit in your taxi, downtown is not so far (15 km) and you might need 30 minutes to arrive, more or less according to the traffic. Usually the taxi drivers can speak of few words of english. Some of them are almost fluent, you just need to get used to their accent.

Enjoy your stay in Yangon!

When you leave the country, you will check in there :



after the customs you can buy some souvenirs and duty free products

Yangon-Airport-Souvenirs-Shop Yangon-Airport-Duty-Free-Shops

and then go to your gate wait to for your plane


Bon Voyage!

Shwedagon-ZediThe Shwedagon Pagoda
St-Mary-Cathedral-YangonSaint-Mary’s Cathedral
Bogyoke-Market-PedimentBogyoke Market
Inya-Lake-people-relaxingInya Lake
city hallCity Hall and Independence Monument
City-Hall-Sule-Pagoda-Yangon-MyanmarSule Pagoda
Lively Streets Yangon DowntownLively Streets of downtown Yangon
Yangon-Airport-Check-InYangon International Airport
Traders-Hotel-Yangon-Executvie-RoomShangri-La Traders Hotel

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