Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is a country  in Southeast Asia with a population of 60 million people. The British called the country Burma, this derives from Bama, the name of the largest ethnic group of the country.

In 1989 the government changed officially the name to Myanmar. It cones from Myanma, the literary name of the country, while Bama (Burma) was the spoken name.

Today, many countries still officially call the country Burma, or with a name adapted to their language ; for exemple in French the country’s name is “Birmanie” .

It seems that both names will still be used for the coming years.

Myanmar Fast Facts

Capital city Naypyidaw

Business city Yangon (Rangoon)

Population 60 million

GDP  $89 billion

Religion Buddhism

Currency Kyat

Shwedagon-ZediThe Shwedagon Pagoda
St-Mary-Cathedral-YangonSaint-Mary’s Cathedral
Bogyoke-Market-PedimentBogyoke Market
Inya-Lake-people-relaxingInya Lake
city hallCity Hall and Independence Monument
City-Hall-Sule-Pagoda-Yangon-MyanmarSule Pagoda
Lively Streets Yangon DowntownLively Streets of downtown Yangon
Yangon-Airport-Check-InYangon International Airport
Traders-Hotel-Yangon-Executvie-RoomShangri-La Traders Hotel

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